Investments & Ventures

We identify and manage investments across a broad array of industries. With a flexible and opportunistic investment mandate, Focusing on long-term opportunities, where it can add value to create high-caliber risk-adjusted returns. 

Our access to permanent flexible capital, enables us to move quickly when evaluating opportunities. We revolve around the experimentation and development of disruptive opportunities, with an objective to influence and make a change in the world.


Known for being a delusional optimist with a forte in carpentry & engineering, empowered with a tenacity to overcome even the toughest of obstacles. A portfolio encompassing some of the most renowned projects. 


We are dedicated to helping communities where our ideas, people, and resources can make a difference. We are actively involved in contributing to organizations, communities and institutions across the globe. Through capital donations, food donations and mask donations we are predicated on giving back to communities.